Underground Collective Units.

Another new initiative. You're right! Alternative music, clothing design and manufacturing, poetry, painting, photography. All these alternative initiatives have something in common. They express something, something individual, a strong signal to the outside world. This is "different"! That "different" has a face, a face that is usually seen only by insiders. That is not bad but occasionally it is necessary for others to see that face. Some will be affected by it and are attracted to. They wear the cloth, listen to that music, see the art in the houses, they're going to experience a little bit of culture to which they can relate. People who are "different" often feel rebell against the established and fortunately, this does not happen often in a negative way. Here in Europe there are many altenative ways. The people who join Underground Collective are convinced that it is possible for all the different initiatives that exist to unite. For instance, an organizer of a party that calls on us and the DJ who finds his party even more interesting. Why? Because we know that DJ and know what his qualities are. This site can be a reflection of all these different initiatives and people who are "different" and everyone who enjoys being different, maybe you can be "different" in your way!

Team Underground Collective



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